The passion and dedication that go into products “made in Italy” 100% are the reasons behind the success of Okbaby, a world leading company in the baby product industry, that has been working for 38 years on the development of new ideas to meet parent and baby needs through the construction of products conforming to all applicable safety, versatility and design requirements, as well as featuring maximum ease of use on a daily basis. This is the reason why nowadays Okbaby distributes its articles in over 50 countries the world over. Okbaby has attained the goal it has always rated as top priority: wellbeing and total safety for the children.

For 2014, Okbaby presents its latest baby bathtubs, a restyled version of Onda and the smaller Onda Baby model.


Life is an endless source of creativity and surprise, while also representing the integral and automatic conservation of our entire past
Henri Bergson

The restyling of Okbaby’s famous Onda bathtub can be summed up in this quote by Henri Bergson.

Onda has updated its aesthetic features while preserving intact and unaltered those particular highlights which define the originality of the product and constitute its unmistakable design signature. The highly impacting and distinctive elements which, down through the years, consumers have come to rely on, such as the three resting points and the double seating position, remain unchanged.

Onda has evolved with a new formal design. A bathtub of unmistakable appeal and even softer lines which, at the same time, has preserved its characteristic simple traditional styling. Onda combines such heterogeneous elements as a pared-down design and sinuosity, alternating light fluid lines with timeless features of a more rigid and austere nature.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Two seating positions: 0/6 months and 6 months/1 year
  • Three resting points: two for the armpits and one between the legs
  • Fitted with a plug for rapid water drainage
  • Built-in micro-encapsulated liquid crystal digital thermometer with recommended maximum water level indicator
  • Overall bathtub dimensions: L 53 cm x H 28 cm x D 93 cm

Optional extras:

  • Adjustable supporting bar for positioning the baby bathtub onto an adult-sized bathtub
  • Folding trestle to use as a bathtub support or combined with a mattress as a nappy changing table

Onda Baby

Owing to its reduced dimensions Onda Baby adapts perfectly to small bathrooms and, above all, is ideal for use in a shower.

Mainly characterized by light weight and compactness, features that are reflected in its shape and material, this bathtub provides a versatile and original solution.

Despite the fact that this bathtub is mainly designed to be practical and functional, Onda Baby shows no lack of refined details or indeed any of the features or peculiarities distinguishing the entire Onda bathtub line. Hence its outstanding internal ergonomic design and the in-between leg support, which ensure all the comfort and safety consumers expect from Onda bathtubs.

Despite its delicate appearance, new Onda Baby is strong and resistant, while guaranteeing maximum safety and a long product life. It is possible to use the handy and practical trestle accessory in combination with the bathtub to facilitate its use.

Onda Baby is a most versatile bathtub that lends itself to being used in various ways; in fact, owing to its linear yet original shape, it adapts well to any type of shower tray or any perfectly flat surface, in both traditional or modern interiors.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Compact and lightweight, easy to carry
  • For babies aged: 0-12 months
  • Fitted with in-between leg support
  • Fitted with a plug for rapid water drainage
  • Fitted with anti-slip rubber parts for greater stability on the supporting surface
  • Overall bathtub dimensions: L 42 cm x H 24 cm x D 63 cm
  • Minimum internal shower tray dimensions required for positioning the baby bathtub: 60 cm x 60 cm
  • Weight: 950 g
  • Maximum capacity: 16 litres

Optional extras:

  • Folding trestle to use as a bathtub support or combined with a mattress as a nappy changing table
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